CU I&E Submission Improves Advising while Eliminating Paper

A redesigned business process puts focus on serving students and takes paper out of the picture.

Several Engineering departments -- and several hundred Engineering undergrads -- are reaping the benefits of a streamlined advising process, thanks to Academic Advisor Maura Hollister.

The Boulder Campus employee recently redesigned a number of paper-heavy advising processes, saving time, effort, and money for the office she works in and the students she serves. Among the changes ... 

Replacing paper degree flowcharts with laminated versions: individual academic paths are marked up with dry erase markers and the students save photos on their cell phones prior to the sheets being cleaned and re-used.

Replacing paper degree plans with online versions: Google docs are shared as needed and students have the option of remote advising appointments.

Replacing paper files of forms and applications with e-files: forms are routed electronically and approved using DocuSign.

Read more about it -- and find out why this approach is now a model for other departments -- in the newest CU Innovation & Efficiency (CU I&E) Award submission, Paperless Advising Techniques.

And then we hope you'll be inspired to tell us about your own recent innovations: the 2018 CU I&E Awards Program is open for submissions through February 28. Your ingenuity may win you a cash prize of up to $1,500 (subject to taxes and withholding).

CU I&E is a University-wide recognition program that highlights the ways employees help their departments work better.

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