The following information is supplemental to the Procurement - Purchasing and Contract Management online course which discusses the policies and procedures you need to know if your job requires you to buy goods and services or monitor procurements and contracts for the University of Colorado.

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PSC Website

The PSC website contains information on procurement policies, procedures, and instructions,  including:

  • See Procurement to locate information on the Commodity Listing, Tax Exempt Certificates, Price Cost Analysis, Purchasing Thresholds, Small Business Program, Procurement Code of Ethics, University of Colorado Procurement Rules, etc.
  • See Forms to find forms mentioned in the course.
  • See Training for step-by-step instructions on how to create purchase orders and requisitions in the CU Marketplace, etc.
  • See Green Purchasing for environmentally responsible purchasing options.

Additional policies applicable to the procurement process

The Office of Policy and Efficiency website contains university policies, including:

Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)


Advice on purchasing specific commodities; review and approval of contracts/supplier agreements?

Questions on the Procurement Card, purchasing and payable processes in the Marketplace, forms, procedures, policies? Contact the PSC Service Desk

Questions on sponsored project fund use, sponsored project approval of requisitions? Contact your Campus Sponsored Project office.