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Your Campus Portal: The Only Path to Your New Finance ID

Beginning Mon, April 16, you will need to access the PeopleSoft Finance System using your new PeopleSoft ID. Your new user ID looks like this: XXXXnnnnnn:
  • Your new ID begins with up to the first 4 letters of your last name, for example, SMIT- for Smith. If your last name contains fewer than 4 characters, your ID will really include “X” – so, Yu becomes YUXX-.
  • Your new ID ends with sequentially assigned numerics, for example, -000101.
Remember that you don’t actually type your new user ID as part of the sign-in process! Instead, you sign in to your campus portal using your desktop user name and password and then, when you click the link to the PeopleSoft Finance System, you are automatically logged in under your new PeopleSoft ID. The new ID supports full integration with all PeopleSoft applications of Finance, HRMS, and ISIS. ISIS, CIW, and HR access will remain unchanged at this time. Question: So – I need to use my campus portal to access PeopleSoft Finance. Is that all I need to know? Answer: No. You also need to consider the following:
  • If you have been using Favorites under your old ID in the Finance System, you’ll want to recreate them under your new ID. They don’t automatically transfer.
  • Also, if you created any personal Queries under your old ID, you’ll likely want to copy them to your new ID.
For instructions on either of the above processes (recreating Favorites or copying personal queries), refer to our Step-by-Step Guide to New PeopleSoft IDs.

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