Where Are They Now? 2014 CUSP Winner Manages More Than Just Events

First in a series of articles revisiting past CUSP Program award winners …

In 2014, the CUSP Program recognized Layna Breyare (Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities Management, CU Denver and Anschutz Medical Campus) for developing a comprehensive Event Management System at Anschutz Medical Campus.

What’s happened since?

We recently touched based with Layna to find out how the Event Management System is working these days. And we learned that it’s better than ever.

The system of record for the Anschutz Medical Campus has been modified and expanded to accommodate the Denver Campus – a huge change, Layna reports. They expect to set up training and roll it out for Denver in the near future.

And there’s more:

  • Layna’s office is working with departments on both campuses to bring all space (even private conference rooms) into the system. This will make facilities use more energy efficient and will provide room schedulers with the ability to request resources – parking, set-up, housekeeping, AV – in a one-stop shopping environment.
  • Another area of business process improvement is in video/film permissions. In the past, this has been a disorganized, paper-based process, with few individuals familiar with the policy. By bringing it into the Event Management System (EMS), Layna sees the potential for enhanced efficiency and compliance.
  • Finally, Layna reports that CU-Boulder has reached out to learn about EMS and how it might benefit their campus, as well.

As you can see, a CUSP winner keeps winning.

How about you? Will this be the year you share your winning idea-in-practice? You have until April 30 to submit it to the 2015 CUSP Program.

Questions? Contact CUSP Program Coordinator Fran Chapman.

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