Where Are They Now? 2013 CUSP Winners Do a Lot (More) with Virtual Desktops

Continuing a series of articles revisiting past CUSP Program award winners …

Robert Dixon (IT Director, Boulder Campus Housing & Dining Services) and colleague Eric DenBraber (Assistant Director of IT, Boulder Campus Housing & Dining Services) turned their vision of tech-related efficiencies and savings into a virtual reality: They replaced the computers in the department with a virtual desktop client, saving considerable amounts of electrical and human energy, reducing hardware costs, and facilitating mobile device access to powerful large system databases.

And their Creating a Virtual Desktop initiative was honored with a CUSP 2013 Award.

So where are they now? Here’s an update that continues to inspire.

Robert and Eric have improved on their original virtual desktop platform, incorporating additional features and sustainability items. The staff still loves it … and the two have been invited to share their work with a larger world:

So there’s just no telling where a CUSP winner will go.

What about you? Where will you go this year?

The 2015 CUSP Program is now accepting submissions. Tell us about your best practices.

Don’t wait, though: The deadline for submissions is April 30.

Questions? Contact CUSP Program Coordinator Fran Chapman.

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