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Welcome, New OUC Website!

Changes to the website include:

New visual design

Look ma! No more purple! We think you’ll like the new visuals. More functional homepage. Our new homepage offers enhanced functionality, including updates from our OUC News blog. We’re using a new navigation structure resulting in fewer clicks to get where you want to go.

OUC newsletter replaced with OUC News.

With our Wordpress-powered weblog, we can deliver news more quickly, archive it more efficiently, and segment it to particular audiences. We even offer the ability to subscribe to the news ‘as it happens.’ More on this in our first posting next month.

New OUC Calendar

Our online schedule keeps track of all OUC-related activities for you: training, open houses, town halls, CPE courses, and more.

Site Search is here

You can now search through all documents on the OUC website and through all newsletter content. So easy – you’ll love it.

We’re mobile device friendly

Although we currently do not get a lot of traffic from smartphones, iPads, and other mobile devices, their use is on the rise.

Our coding is leaner

We’re using a lot of the same code libraries as the upcoming System CMS – so migration into that system should be painless. And our new templated design allows rapid site-wide changes and automated checks for broken links. We want to know what you think We believe you will find our new website noticeably nicer and friendlier. Let us know what you think by clicking on the new SEND FEEDBACK link at the top of any of the OUC webpages.

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