Update: Overstated Payroll Encumbrances

In October, we discussed the overstated salaries and benefits that you were seeing on your financial reports. The HCM team has been working on these issues and we have some updates for you.

For the most part, the salary over-encumbrance issue has been fixed. The team is still working on the benefits over-encumbrances.

What’s been fixed?

The problem last month was payroll (salary and benefit) over-encumbrances for employees who had both monthly and contract appointments. In these cases, the employee’s remaining contract amount was being multiplied by nine months, sometimes creating the appearance of huge deficits for entire departments and schools.

HCM has fixed this.

What’s being worked on?

We’re still seeing over-encumbrances for employees on contract pay. Specifically, for these employees:

  • Some PERA benefits are overstated.
  • Salary and benefits are overstated if future-dated funding rows exist.
  • Salary and benefits are overstated when project budget end date is not equal to the contract end date.

The HCM team is working on these items and a fix for the first one (PERA benefits overstatement) is currently being tested.

We’ll provide additional updates later this month.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact HCM_Community@cu.edu.

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