Sam Lester Joins FinProHelp

The OUC is pleased to introduce Sam Lester, our new Consultant on the Finance & Procurement Help Desk. Sam joined the team in mid-October.

Sam has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from George Mason University. He comes to CU with an extensive background in customer service and finance, having worked for a number of years in both the retail banking and restaurant industries. His professional career includes working as a teller/supervisor with PNC, one of the largest banks on the East coast, and with the Palm Restaurant, a nationwide family-owned steak house launched in 1926.

Sam moved to Denver a year ago from the Washington (D.C.) area. He finds Colorado a great place to unite his passions for music, the outdoors, and higher education, and he's thrilled to be a part of CU.

We're delighted that he's joined our team. Please take a moment to welcome him the next time he responds to one of your questions.

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