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OUC Publishes Illustrated Guide to the Annual Financial Report

Every year, CU produces an audited financial report with a vast amount of information that is very important to a number of constituencies: rating agencies, the State of Colorado, federal funding agencies, the Board of Regents, and the public. However...providing a vast amount of information is not the same as providing easily understandable information. So the Office of University Controller decided to present the data in easy-to-understand language and charts. You could call this ‘financial statements made easy' ... or ... ‘financial statements for the non-accountant' ... or ... ‘the ABCs of CU's annual financial report.' Whatever you call it, this is our commitment to helping interested people better understand the University of Colorado's financial position. Through this website, you will see where CU holds its resources, what the claims against those resources are, and what's left over in the end. Go to CU FINANCIALS EXPLAINED: AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO THE ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT

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