OUC by the Numbers

During the OUC Town Hall sessions on the campuses, we showed a looping slide show of Office of University Controller facts and figures. The slide show was titled, "OUC by the Numbers" and after the town halls, we received some requests to replay some of the numbers for you on this blog. So following is an excerpt ... a select number of the Numbers: 10,170,471 - journal lines created in FY 2013 45,207 - active SpeedTypes 2,020 - PeopleSoft Finance System users 263 - learning resources available online for fiscal systems and policies 99 - (on a scale of 1-100) average rating of CPE instructor effectiveness/course value 97.3 - percent of questions to FinPro Help Desk resolved on first contact 40 - m-Fin reports in Cognos 0- number of hoops to jump through to get reports, get training, get answers

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