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Office of University Controller Staff News

OUC staff members have been busy … training new staff, learning and sharing new information, pursuing professional development. Among the happenings:

Adam Rodriguez joins FinPro Help Desk

We are delighted to introduce Adam Rodriguez, who started at the Finance & Procurement Help Desk a few weeks ago and is already beginning to respond to department and vendor inquiries. For the past five years Adam has worked for the University of North Texas (UNT), providing support services to students, faculty, staff, and other university affiliates. He is a graduate of UNT with a degree in Applied Technology and Performance Improvement. Adam has extensive customer service experience and is excited to be able to use his skills to assist the University of Colorado community. We welcome Adam to CU … and thank his colleagues, Mary Ellis and Brian Dyet, for their tremendous efforts while the FinPro Help Desk was understaffed.

Leslie Nittoli chairs ‘Women Succeeding’ Panel

Our FinPro Help Desk Manager chaired a panel at the CU Women Succeeding Symposium earlier this year. Leslie Nittoli, together with Professor R L Widmann and Technology Consultant Amanda Seal-McAndrew (both from the Boulder Campus), addressed ways to collaborate and build a strong community for women in academia. The practical session focused on creative ways to generate personal and professional opportunities, especially in times of economic austerity and limited University resources.

Normandy Roden presents at Alliance

A presentation on improving presentations was the order of business for Normandy Roden, Finance & Procurement Business Services Director, at last month’s Alliance Conference. The Alliance is an international conference for higher education users of Oracle applications (e.g., PeopleSoft) and includes a track dedicated to training and support issues.

Lisa Vallad earns Master of Education Degree

Finance Trainer and CPE Program Manager, Lisa Vallad, recently reached a continuing education milestone of her own: she completed her Master of Education degree from North Carolina State University. Lisa’s program of study focused on adult education and the principles of training, development, and instructional design. She is thrilled to be able to draw on both her Master’s coursework and her CPA experience in her position at the OUC.

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