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New PET/Funding Entry Pages Arrive April 20: Get Ready

The new PET and Funding Entry pages will be available in the HCM system beginning Thursday, April 20.

Listen, learn, and practice at an HCM Structured Lab

HCM will host structured labs on all CU campuses through April 21.

Structured labs include an opening presentation and demo on the PET/Funding Entry business processes, followed by individual data entry practice. Note: In order to use the training environment during a structured lab, you must already have access to HCM. You will have the same level of access during the lab that you currently have, and no additional access will be given at the session. If you do not have HCM access, you will not be able to enter the training environment.

Register now.

Bring real-life questions to an HCM Open Lab

HCM will host open labs on all CU campuses the week of April 24.

Open labs let you bring your your questions and issues to subject matter experts, who can guide your work and resolve any problems.

Register now.

Additional training opportunities

For additional details on HR/GL training opportunities, visit the HCM training page. 

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