January 1 Updates: Policies, Procedures, Forms

The January 1 semiannual update cycle includes a few changes to policies, procedures, and forms. Among them:
  • Alcoholic Beverages: Administrative Policy Statement, PSC Procedural Statement, and Official Function form clarify approval requirements when Fund 36 (development) monies are used
  • Mileage Rates: PSC Procedural Statement Travel, Non-Employee Reimbursement form, and Concur Travel & Expense System updated to reflect mileage rates in effect as of Jan 1 (new standard rate is 50 cents/mile)
  • $75 Receipt Threshold for Travel: PSC Procedural Statement Travel and Concur Travel & Expense System now identify that single-item travel expenses over $75 (and official functions in any dollar amount) require a receipt ... previous threshold for travel was $25 and $25 remains the threshold for Procurement Card receipts
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