Have You Made Your Department Work Better? Tell the CU Innovation & Efficiency Program About It!

Have you improved a business process? Send your success story to the CU Innovation & Efficiency (CU I&E) Awards Program and you might win a $1,500 cash award! 

The CU I&E Awards Program -- previously known as the CU Shared Practices, or CUSP, Program -- is a recognition program designed to highlight the creative processes of CU employees.

Through the CU I&E Awards, you can share what you've done to work better, whether it’s by creating efficiencies, saving time, or saving money. You can get recognition for accomplishments within your own department – and inspire other employees to take a new look at how their departments work.

Here's how you get going:

Questions? Contact the CU I&E Awards Program Coordinator Fran Chapman.  

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