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FY2020 Annual Financial Report

The Office of University Controller (OUC) is pleased to announce that the University of Colorado FY2020 Annual Financial Report, and the University of Colorado FY2020 Financial and Compliance Report, are available on the OUC website.

  • The Annual Financial Report (AFR) is issued by the OUC and contains the University’s basic financial statements, which include the Statement of Net Position (SNP/balance sheet), Statement of Revenues, Expenses, and Changes in Net Position (SRECNP/income statement), and Statement of Cash Flows. It also contains supporting footnotes, required supplementary information, management’s discussion and analysis, and the independent auditor’s report on the AFR.
  • The Financial and Compliance Report contains the University’s AFR. It also includes a report on internal control over financial reporting, required communications to the Legislative Audit Committee (LAC), and reports on State-Funded Student Financial Assistance Programs, in addition to findings and recommendations arising from the financial audit (which covers the AFR) and on the single audit (which covers federal awards, usually related to research or student financial assistance).

The OUC's External Reporting website also presents the Supplemental financial statements (the campus-level SNP and SRECNP), broken out into the various fund types.

  • You may review the Annual Financial Report to see how the University has fared financially over the past fiscal year.
  • You may need to provide this traditional PDF format of the Annual Financial Report to sponsors as part of a grant application process. (Sponsors interested in subrecipient monitoring may wish to review the Financial and Compliance Report -- or the statewide Single Audit report once it is issued by the Office of the State Auditor, typically around the end of March.)

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