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Fiscal Certification in Early Stages

Last week, officers and their delegates received email messages and population data in preparation for the 2012 Fiscal Certification process. Officers have until June 29 to assign new delegates, make any needed changes to their rollup populations, and set due dates for their rollups. Following this preliminary phase, the actual fiscal certification and assessment statements will launch on July 2 and run through September 26 (2 weeks longer than usual). Good news for all participants: We’ve made substantial improvements to the certification and assessment forms this year.


  • Refer to the Step-by-Step Guides for Fiscal Certification and Fiscal Assessment on the OUC website.
  • Contact the OUC’s Financial Systems Compliance Specialist, Fran Chapman, at or 303.837.2111.
Note: The Fiscal Certification and Assessment is a very important component of the University’s annual financial certifications to the State. Your thoughtful approach to the process is critical and we appreciate your time and effort.  

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