FIN and Grants Campus Update - March 2017

For those of you who work in the Finance System – or rely on others who do – the following update continues our series of status reports on FIN and Grants.

FIN: helpful journal notifications … and improved payroll journal processing

Recent developments include improvements to two common processes:

  • Journal Upload Notification. Now, when you use CU Transfer to upload a journal for import to FIN, you’ll receive an email notification with the new journal ID and status. (It may take a few minutes for the email to be sent.) This is similar to the notification you get when you use JE Spreadsheet to upload a journal. Many users have expressed an interest in such confirmation/notification – we’re happy to have this in place for you.
  • Pay Runs Consolidate to Single Journals. Now, you’ll see all data from each individual pay run (whether monthly, bi-weekly, or off-cycle) aggregated to a single journal in FIN. Previously, you had to look through numerous journals to review pay data from a single payroll. This development is thanks to an HCM improvement in their processing.

Grants: work continues

With the recent implementation of a new interface to sync data from the proposal to the project, the EPC (expense purpose code) attribute for sponsored projects now automatically populates the Project ChartField. Previously, the central offices had to enter this attribute manually.

Work continues on the re-org process. We expect to have an update on this in our April communication. (This affects both Grants and FIN.)

Work also continues on Grants data reconciliation.

Do you have questions or concerns?

Please let us know. Contact or your campus controller’s office.

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