FIN and Grants Campus Update - February 2017

For those of you who work in the Finance System – or rely on others who do – the following update continues our series of status reports on FIN and Grants.

FIN: recent updates address identified issues

Progress on FIN issues during the past month includes improvements to a common process:

  • Journal Print. Now, when you print a journal entry (JE), you’ll see some additional pieces of information: Stat Code, Amount, and Project Activity. Furthermore, the print format has been fixed to correctly show Sub-class.

Grants: support continues

Progress on Grants issues during the past month includes a process improvement for electronic Personnel Effort Reports (ePERS). If you work on a sponsored project, you’re required to certify effort on that project. Certification provides assurance to the sponsor that the effort being put into a project matches the effort being paid by grant funding. After upgrading to FIN 9.2, we saw some issues with ePERS processing. The latest ePERS forms reflect the requested changes.

Work continues on the re-org process. This affects both Grants and FIN.

Significant effort continues to be directed to Grants data reconciliation.

What does this mean for you?

If you’re a general user of FIN – You’ll see enhancements to the Journal Print process.

If you’re a specialized user of the Grants module, or a PI or department administrator involved with sponsored research – You’ll see improvements to the ePERS process. Be assured that both data reconciliation and re-org design continue to be top priorities.

Do you have questions or concerns?

Please let us know. Contact or your campus controller’s office.

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