FIN 9.2 Updates: Fiscal Year-End Reports; July System Close

Your FY2016 Final Close financial reports are available to run now.

When you run your FY2016 m-Fin reports, remember to select Period 998. This will include journal entries that posted after 3rd Close.

July F&A is not complete yet. July System Close is planned for Thursday, August 11.

Due to resource/timing issues, we had to wait until FY 2016 Final Close before we could perform certain July processes.

  • What this means: We have not yet completed running F&A and revenue for the month of July. Normally, we run those processes on a daily basis – but we could not do so while FY 2016 was still open.
  • We plan to complete July System Close on Thursday, August 11. That means your July m-Fin reports should be available Friday, August 12.

We’ll provide another update by afternoon on August 11.

Continue to let us know your questions and observations!


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