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FIN 9.2 Update: Weekly Recap - May 27

Continuing top priorities overall

Our highest priorities for overall FIN/HCM issues continue to be PETS, fringe benefit allocation, and grants work.

PET updates

The HCM team has been monitoring the feed of PET transactions and was able to move several hundred into FIN. They are still working on about 200 remaining PETs.

Since implementing a new fix this week to allow PETs to feed from HCM to FIN, they’ve seen only a few that did not feed. The team continues to research the issues daily. If you notice a problem, please contact and identify the PET ID that hasn’t fed.

Of note this week

HCM ran May payroll … and the related May encumbrances were appropriately relieved. Please let us know if you see anything that needs to be investigated.

May month-end close follows normal schedule

Campus close for May will be Thursday, June 2.

System close will be the following day, Friday, June 3.

Your m-Fin reports will be available for review beginning Saturday, June 4.

You can track the status of FIN and HCM issues online

You’ll find a complete list of FIN issues on the OUC website: .

Continue to let us know what you notice


Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

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