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FIN 9.2 Update: Weekly Recap - May 20

PETs and fringe remain top priorities overall

We have dedicated teams working to resolve PET and fringe benefit allocation issues. These are top priorities for both HCM and FIN.

Grants work is the highest priority for FIN-specific fixes

Our grants consultants divide their time between the individual campuses and the System Office. The campuses and the OUC have worked together to identify a separate Grants Support Issue Tracking list, available online at We’ll talk about some of the items on that list later this month.

Next in line (after Grants) are the FIN Top FYE priorities

Cash lines on journals have been fixed … and therefore dropped off the Top FYE Priority list. We have eight items on this week’s Top FYE priorities list:

  • Student loan transactions, data going out. Making progress. Note: The companion item (student loan transactions, mapping data coming in) has been reevaluated as a non-FYE issue.
  • Queries to support the external audit. Of the 55 queries needed, 54 are fixed.
  • Reconciliation for payroll/BRS warrants. We’ve been unable to reconcile payroll warrants since go-live. In progress.
  • ID Account codes should balance on journals. In progress.
  • Cash roll-up. Cash roll-up SpeedTypes still need to be added to the new Fund 12 cost share. In progress.
  • Cash transfers. We need a cash transfer journal customization to help automate cash transfer validation (using the cash transfer matrix rather than relying on manual identification/approval by campuses). In progress.
  • Budget Account codes shouldn’t be available in actual journals. Budget Account codes should only be used with the budget ledgers. In progress.
  • Workflow. Making progress. 

You’ll find a complete list of FIN issues on the OUC website:  

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