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FIN 9.2 Update: Weekly Recap - May 13

Making progress

We’ve worked with the campuses to accomplish the following:

Cash lines on journals. You can now copy journals with cash lines (Account 000100) and delete those lines from the new journal. If you forget to delete the cash lines before running the edit process (saving the journal), you’ll receive a Fund-Account combo edit error on those lines since 000100 is not valid with any fund (message is Combo error for fields Fund/Account in group FUND_ACCT).

This week’s Top Five: FYE priorities

We continue to work with the staff of the campus controllers’ and sponsored project offices to prioritize and address Fiscal Year-End needs. (Note: Our FYE focus is in addition to ongoing dedicated sponsored project work being conducted by the OUC team of grants consultants.)

You’ll find a complete list of outstanding FIN issues on the OUC website. For this week’s Top Five for FYE, read on:

  • Cash lines on journals. We’ve fixed problems associated with cash lines when copying journals. This issue was on our Top Five this week and has just come off! See above.
  • Student loan transactions, data going out. FIN has not been feeding loan transactions since December 2015 – this is partly due to a change in the University’s student loan billing services vendor (now Heartland ECSI). In progress.
  • Student loan transactions, mapping data coming in. ECSI’s monthly feed coming back to FIN is not formatting correctly. In progress.
  • Queries. The OUC’s Accounting Services unit needs 55 queries to support the external audit. A number of these queries are missing, others are producing inaccurate results. In progress.
  • Workflow. One of the OUC consultants is reviewing workflow issues and working directly with the campuses to resolve. This includes redesigning some workflow procedures as various offices reevaluate their initial approval plans. In progress.

How do you like this new approach in communications?

This week, we decided to share, not only recent progress, but also the top five priorities for FYE. Next week, we plan to begin dual weekly recaps – a mid-week Top Five for Grants, and the end-of-week Top Five for FYELet us know what you think of this approach! Email

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