FIN 9.2 Update: Adjustment Period 996 Issues

There were two issues with Period 996 (the adjustment period that opens immediately after first close) that were identified and fixed on Monday morning, July 11.

The following information brings you up-to-date if you experienced either issue earlier today.

Journal Entry in FIN

The FIN team has implemented a temporary fix so that you can now save FY 2016 JEs using Adjustment Period 996. While the temporary fix is in place, you will not receive any messages about June 30 journals.

When the permanent fix takes effect, you will receive a warning message when you identify Journal Date as June 30, 2016.

  • That message will simply remind you that you need to change Non-Adjusting Entry to Adjusting Entry.
  • The appropriate adjustment period (currently 996) will then default, but you can change 996 to a later adjustment period, if appropriate.

Running reports in Cognos

Most prompt screens on your m-Fin reports now default to the current open period (FY 2016 Period 996).

Earlier today, users noted that these reports defaulted to Period 12 and they had to manually select 996.

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