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Elevate: FIN Upgrade - Weekly Recap, January 15

Updates on the upgraded Finance System

Greetings! This message continues our series of weekly status updates for the upgraded Finance System (FIN 9.2).

Many post-go-live issues involved security or workflow

Many post-go-live issues for FIN 9.2 have been related to security, job roles, and workflow. Many of these have been fixed. More work is being done.

Stepping up to current campus priorities

The Office of University Controller (OUC) and the campus controllers’ offices are developing a comprehensive issues list for FIN 9.2. This list is being prioritized by the campuses and the OUC is scheduling action to accommodate those priorities.

We are giving the highest attention to data conversion and validation related to the new grants module. We appreciate the detailed testing and comments that we are receiving from the campuses regarding their sponsored project information and processes.

Grants consultants are here to help

We have two PeopleSoft grants specialists working on site – they’ll be spending time both in the System office and in the campus sponsored project and finance offices. The consultants are addressing campus priorities to ensure that we get project data and functionality on track.

Additional detail and information are available

Communication is a two-way street. There are many ways for you to stay up-to-date and keep us informed as to how you’re doing. Check out the main Elevate Issues list and the FIN  9.2 Answer Board. Let the Finance & Procurement Help Desk know about any problems or questions. Follow the OUC News blog through email notifications.

Moving forward

Together with the campus controllers, we are working hard to make the upgraded Finance System work for you.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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