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Elevate: FIN Upgrade - Weekly Recap, February 5

News about FIN 9.2

Greetings! Here are the recent developments for the upgraded Finance System (FIN 9.2).

December Campus Close

Our first priority has been to ensure that we have the information we need to responsibly close the month of December and the second quarter of FY 2016.

So far, so good! For details, see the Progress Report section, below, but the short story is that the OUC and the campus controllers have tentatively set Wed, Feb 17, for December campus close. We’ll confirm this date by Mon, Feb 15.

Once we’ve successfully completed our first month close in the new system, we’ll identify the dates for the next months (January and February).

Progress Report

We’ve been working to address a number of issues since FIN 9.2 went live in mid-December. We have good developments in the following key areas:

  • Cash lines and your m-Fin reports – We are caught up with the backlog of journals and are manually booking cash lines every night. (Keep in mind, as you review your m-Fin reports, that cash lines are now separate journals, posted one day after the journal itself posts.) An automated, more immediate fix to cash lines is pending.
  • Journal posting – FIN journals ready to post are now posting when they should. Unapproved FIN journals are no longer posting. Both are being correctly displayed on your m-Fin and JE Print reports.
  • PET posting and reconciliation – The HCM team has been working on the various PET issues and PETs are now posting correctly to FIN and showing up properly on your m-Fin reports.
  • Payroll encumbrances – Payroll encumbrances on your m-Fin reports are likely to be over- or under-stated. The HCM team is making headway fixing these in a test system before reprocessing in production. The HCM team is also addressing investigating the posting of pay and benefits to incorrect SpeedTypes/Accounts. Fixes should be in place within the next week.
  • Validation of converted project data – This is the foundation for running a series of projects-related processes, including collect costs/pricing and revenue recognition. We expect to complete processing for active projects from all campuses by Wed, Feb 10.

FIN Courses: Online and In-person

For the time being, new users continue to receive temporary (90-day) access to FIN 9.2 based on informal (on-the-job) training.

We’ll publish online courses for FIN Inquiry and FIN Journal Entry later in February. These will initially be available from the OUC website. Online courses will be available in SkillSoft at a later date.

Campus finance staff will begin teaching in-person FIN classes in March. Your campus controller’s office will announce the face-to-face training schedule when it’s finalized.

Additional Detail and Information are Available

Thank you for reading our weekly updates email! For more information on these or other FIN upgrade issues:

We look forward to hearing from you.

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