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Elevate: FIN Upgrade - Video Offers Quick Info on FIN 9.2 Favorites

You've got your Favorites. Now get ready to see them in a new light.

FIN 9.2 offers you options for improved navigation.

Find out how FIN 9.2 makes it easier to get to places you want to go by watching the FIN 9.2 Feature Highlight: Favorites.

Remember: Your Favorites need to be recreated.

If you've been using Favorites in FIN 8.4, be aware that they will go away with the FIN Upgrade in November. You can easily recreate them in FIN 9.2 -- but do you need to?

Let's take a look at two new features in the Finance System that may change how you feel about Favorites:

  1. FIN 9.2 lets you build links in your WorkCenter to places you want to go.
    You can create links to the places you need to go, right inside your WorkCenter. These links are available whenever you are in your WorkCenter. Favorite links are available no matter where you are in the Finance System.
  2. FIN 9.2 also shows you places you've recently been.
    In FIN 9.2, when you click on the Favorites dropdown menu, you will also see a list of the last five places you Recently Visited.

Questions? Visit the recently updated Elevate:FIN Upgrade website. Or contact the Finance & Procurement Help Desk at or 303.837.2161. 

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