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Elevate: FIN Upgrade - Two Ways to Learn about the Menu Search Feature

Feature Highlight: Menu Search
Interested in the functionality that comes with the FIN 9.2 upgrade? We've published the second in our series of Feature Highlight videos -- Feature Highlight: Menu Search -- to give you a quick overview.

You asked for more details, so we are giving you more details.

We've had great feedback from Finance System users who enjoy the videos and are eager for more details. We're now coupling many of our Feature Highlight overview videos with How-To videos, Step-by-Step guides, and Quick Reference guides. These resources will provide more detail than the Feature Highlights and serve as the beginning of our official FIN 9.2 training and documentation.

FIN 9.2 How-To Menu Search
So, we encourage you to take a look at the FIN 9.2: How-To: Menu Search and the Menu Search Quick Reference Guide if you want to see exactly how this feature works.

Questions? Visit the recently updated Elevate:FIN Upgrade website. Or contact the Finance & Procurement Help Desk at or 303.837.2161. 

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