Elevate: FIN Upgrade - The Transition Begins

We are now in the midst of our transition from FIN 8.4 to FIN 9.2. Please note:  

  • FIN 8.4 was shut down on the evening of Monday, December 3. You will not have access to the Finance System until FIN 9.2 go-live, on Thursday, December 10 (unless you are on an exclusion list for read-only access to FIN 8.4).
  • You can access Cognos m-Fin reports and the CIW until 6 p.m. on Monday, December 7. (Cognos/CIW will then be unavailable until Thursday, December 10.) 
  • Updated journal entry spreadsheets for use in FIN 9.2 will be made available before go-live.

If you need training before FIN 9.2 goes live on December 10, training is still available:

  • Catch up with these recorded webinars: FIN Overview and Journal Entry. Be sure to sign up at the end to receive credit for training!
  • Browse our step-by-step guides, which cover not only journals, but also sponsored project work, billing and accounts receivable, PS Query, etc.  You can access FIN 9.2 learning resources on these and other activities.

We're working hard to provide a smooth transition to FIN 9.2. So we want you to know where to go for questions or issues:

FIN/Cognos Help

CIW Help





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