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Elevate: FIN Upgrade - Some Notes and Numbers from Go-Live

Here's a quick recap - some notes and numbers - from Day 1 of the FIN 9.2 go-live.

FIN user login activity

  • 545 FIN users accessed the new system on Day 1. This represents over a quarter of all authorized FIN users.

OUC on-site support

  • Individual FIN staff (5 in total) are dedicated to each campus.
  • They had regular campus contacts at most sites (no estimates on these numbers).
  • On-site FIN team posted issues/Q&As to the OUC’s FIN Answer Board.

FinProHelp support

  • Handled 265 phone/email/chat contacts - this is about 50% more than our normal load.
  • Average call length was about 3 minutes. Normally we are a little over 2 minutes. This means we are getting to the next person in line pretty quickly.
  • Average call wait time was a little over 6 minutes. This is only double our normal wait time. Considering the magnitude of the upgrade, this is great news.
  • FinProHelp and training/communications team posted issues/Q&As to the FIN Answer Board.

OUC service innovations

  • We implemented 2 new tools to enhance internal/external communication and issue resolution: Slack (for internal consultation) and Google Groups (to feed the FIN Answer Board on the OUC’s website).

FIN Answer Board

  • Posted: 32 questions/topics; 55 responses/explanations.
  • Visitors' average time spent on the FIN Answer Board: 5 minutes.
  • Visitors' most popular topics: JE approval, cash transfer, Favorites, SpeedTypes, browsers.

We'll bring you more notes and numbers on the FIN 9.2 system next week.

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