Elevate: FIN Upgrade - Financial Reporting Strategy Identifies Tools and Support

Our Financial Reporting Strategy is now available online to help you decide which reporting tools are best for your specific data needs … and how you can get support for learning and using them.

The Strategy includes an Inventory of Financial Reporting Tools.

The Financial Reporting Tool Inventory presents best-practice approaches to tool selection according to type of user, type of data, type of output, and type of training/support. The inventory includes the Cognos m-Fin reports (the University’s official internal financial statements) that are applicable to all … as well as certain highly specialized tools such as nVision that are relevant to only a few. Specific tools discussed are:

  • Cognos m-Fin Reports
  • PeopleSoft FIN 9.2 WorkCenters
  • PeopleSoft Query
  • PeopleSoft Reports
  • Cognos Query Studio
  • PeopleSoft nVision
  • ODBC

We're committed to training.

A key component of the Financial Reporting Strategy is our commitment to providing training and support. In the coming months, we’ll add instructions on how to use the various tools to the OUC website. We’ll also begin offering four new reporting tool courses through our Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Program.

We thank the many individuals who provided input on financial reporting needs to the OUC and to the campus controllers’ offices. We encourage all of you to review the Financial Reporting Strategy Overview and the Financial Reporting Tool Inventory ... and continue to give us your feedback on this important topic.

Questions? Contact the Finance & Procurement Help Desk at FinProHelp@cu.edu or 303.837.2161. 

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