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Elevate: FIN Upgrade – What’s Happening? A Recap through 4/6/15

We’ve had an eventful, successful month of March. Let’s share the key Elevate: FIN Upgrade developments:

  • Testing – Testing started in early March and is going well (and going slightly ahead of schedule). We appreciate the diligent work of our skilled campus volunteers. Thank you, all of you!

  • Working Sessions – We are actively conducting working sessions at the campuses and will continue to do so through early June 2015. So far, these have focused on Grants, Workflow, F&A, Billing, Projects, ChartFields, and SpeedTypes. Additional sessions are being planned on Encumbrances and Data Conversion. Campus feedback indicates that working sessions are invaluable in helping departments determine what to do within FIN 9.2 and what business process changes might be required. We’re glad these are working out so well.

  • Alliance Conference – This is the premier PeopleSoft event for the Higher Education User Group (HEUG). We were pleased to attend, to present sessions sharing what CU is doing on the FIN Upgrade front, and to learn about new functionality and approaches. This year’s conference was exceedingly beneficial to our team. Among our many takeaways: ways to validate that our FIN 9.2 configurations and business processes are in line with those of our peers.

  • Data Conversion – We’re completing our first round of data conversion for initial campus review in April and will adjust our data conversion based on the outcomes of some of the testing.

  • SharePoint – Our centralized repository for upgrade documents has been updated to the 2013 version. This not only provides a more modern look and feel, it also streamlines most campus access. The new site is at Sign in with your campus credentials (login and password). Let us know if you have questions!

  • Training – This is something that everyone looks forward to, including us! We’ll be delivering specialized training for the core team as we start to roll out new functionality for testing. On a broader basis, the OUC training team is designing strategies and researching tools for delivering general user training beginning in summer 2015.

Now – your turn. Questions? Comments? Something you’d like us to know?

Talk to us. You are all important partners in this big effort. We need to hear from you to make sure we’re not missing anything. Use our handy feedback form!

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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