Does Your Department Owe UBIT ... and what is UBIT, anyway?

UBIT is unrelated business income tax. If you think your department receives income that is unrelated to the University's tax-exempt mission, tell us about it.

CU needs to make quarterly estimated tax payments (first one this fiscal year is in October) on such income. With recent changes in the tax code, we may need to adjust how we calculate our payments. That's why it's important for us to learn about potential UBIT-incurring activities as soon as possible this year.

Please take a few minutes (strictly speaking, only 1 minute 38 seconds!) to watch our UBIT video.

You'll find out what UBIT is, and how to report your UBIT activities.

Questions? Contact your campus UBIT specialists (after you watch the video!) - or just fill out the form. You'll find the campus contacts and the form on the video website

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