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CPE Wraps Up for FY 2013 ... and Gears Up for 2014

Our Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Program recently concluded its final quarter for FY 2013. On April 10, we offered three courses: Emotional Intelligence, Fiscal Roles in Financial Systems and Reporting, and GASB Update. On April 29, we repeated two popular courses from earlier quarters: Understanding Internal Controls, and Cash Controls. In CPA-CPE terms, the value of these courses to their three-dozen participants is conservatively estimated at $13,275. Evaluations continue to be excellent, with 97% of participants strongly agreeing or agreeing that the instructors were effective and the course material was relevant. Among the comments received: "Everyone at all levels could benefit from this training!" "Very dynamic instructor!" "Great class - thank you!" "Very clear presentation of a complex subject!" "This was the best course on internal controls I have ever taken!" We've recapped the FY 2013 CPE program in a brochure distributed at last month's CPE Instructor Appreciation Event: Now, some great news for FY 2014: More days! More courses! The Office of University Controller has been approved by NASBA to offer in-person CPE at the next higher program level ... 26-50 courses. We're developing the September 2013 - April 2014 schedule now, and we look forward to publishing it in July.

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