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Cognos Reporting System News

Let’s catch up with our Reporting Systems staff – Carl Sorenson and Rosen Georgiev – and review recent developments in Cognos:

Gone Fishin’: New FishNet Replacements

The old FishNet query tool will be decommissioned later this fall so FishNet’s financial queries are now being reviewed for conversion to Cognos m-Fin reports. If you’ve needed the data provided by FishNet’s Pay Detail by Dept ID or Employee ID, please check out these m-Fin replacements (now available in the test environment, Cognos QA) and let Carl know what you think:

New Format for Reporting Instructions

There’s a new style of report documentation in town. Take a moment to check out the sample format drafted for m-Fin SPEEDTYPE SUMMARY. Let us know what you think: Is it OK to replace the old step-by-step style of documentation with this new style? Your comments are welcome to Carl’s blog post or to

New Incompatible Access Report for Journals

Your campus finance office can now run the new m-Fin JOURNAL ENTRY APPROVER INCOMPATIBLE ACCESS. This report identifies Journal Entries (JEs) that were created and approved by a single individual. So it’s like the old Cognos Journal Entry Incompatible Access report...only better.  

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