ChartFields & Attributes Webpage Redesigned

We've redesigned a frequently visited page on the Office of University Controller website: - click on Accounting & Finance, ChartFields & Attributes. 

New structure improves user experience

Previously, the ChartFields & Attributes webpage was a simple list of links, in alphabetical order by name. Now, this page:

  • Segments information in logical chunks (Finance System Structure, Account, Fund, Organization, Program/Project);
  • Provides context through brief text descriptions;
  • Makes it easy to navigate between resources, thanks to a new Related Links box; and, 
  • Enhances understanding through contextual information on each linked resource page.

Some things to note

For the Org Tree Hierarchy, we now direct you to the m-Fin Org Tree List so you can see how to run a current hierarchy report, instead of viewing a report produced once a year.

We removed the old Journal Source Code Listing, since -- in FIN 9.2 -- we can identify the creator/approver of the journal directly and so source code is no longer useful for contact information.

We also removed the Gift Attributes on SpeedType link since the information it provided is redundant with other resources on this page.


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