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2018 Annual Financial Report and Companion to the Annual Report

Check it out! The 2018 Annual Financial Report is available on the Office of University Controller website. We've also developed a Companion to the Annual Report to make financial report information easier to understand if you don't have an accounting background. We encourage you to visit these websites and see how the University has fared financially over the past fiscal year.

If you're an accountant: Follow the numbers! The financial statements are available in HTML and PDF:

  • The printer-friendly HTML version offers searchability, mobile-friendly design, and easy access to related Notes. 
  • The PDF version provides a traditional format that can easily be conveyed to sponsors as part of a grant application process.

If you're not an accountant: Follow the words! The Companion to the Annual Financial Report uses video and text to tell the story behind the numbers, including:

  • Why CU produces Annual Financial Reports ... 
  • Why people read them .... 
  • What the 2018 Report tells us.

Questions about the 2018 Report? Contact Questions about the Companion? Use the Feedback tool at the bottom of the Companion website

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