CUSP Gets Final Submission for 2013: Process Mapping

Process maps have become a critical component of training documentation in the Department of Neurology at the Anschutz Medical Campus. As explained in the final submission to the 2013 CUSP Program, it is well documented that people learn better from pictures and words than from just words alone. Enter Process Maps: essentially swim lane diagrams, created in Microsoft Visio, that describe in a visual fashion the tasks, decisions, and timeline of specific departmental functions, by each participant in the function. In addition to improving the speed with which one becomes proficient in a job, the process map serves easily as a printable checklist that can be annotated with notes and reminders for each instance of its use. Process maps also provide, at a glance, an overall indication of the complexity of a process, the optimal timeline and deadlines, and the extent of participant involvement – valuable information when allocating resources. With 50 process maps already published – and a task list of many more – this is a project the department expects will never end! Learn more about it on the CUSP website:

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