In New CUSP Contribution, SOM Shows Transparency in Job Processes

In the School of Medicine’s Department of Orthopedics, a key value is transparency. And among the ways in which this value is daily demonstrated is the HR Processes Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet’s 30-some tabs are focused on key functions or procedures, such as Faculty Hiring, Monthly and Bi-Weekly Payroll, Clinical Faculty Appointment, PET Corrections, Recruiting, JobsatCU, Onboarding, Off-boarding, Processing Leave Adjustments, Processing Additional Pay forms, Maintaining a POI, and so forth. Each time a procedure is undertaken, the spreadsheet’s instructions and descriptions are verified to ensure accuracy and to identify possible need for revision. This is particularly useful for job duties that are performed only occasionally since it promotes consistency and compliance with University policies and procedures. It also encourages sharing and feedback, and minimizes disruption when staff turnover occurs. You’ll find more information about this, and many other good ideas put in practice, on the CU Shared Practices (CUSP) website. Check out

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