m-Fin BUDGET TO ACTUAL is now in production.
New versions of three m-Fin reports have migrated to Cognos production.
To migrate means to move from one environment to another. Like from the Cognos QA (testing) environment to production.
m-Fin ACCOUNT RANGE BY FUND has been revised in order to make it a more suitable replacement for the Denver site’s AM053 Curr Funds Rev, Exp, Changes report.
Six m-Fin reports migrated to CU’s production Cognos system today.
These four m-Fin reports have migrated from Cognos QA to Cognos production:
m-Fin OUTSTANDING ENCUMBRANCES will migrate to production this week.
Today a new version of the m-Fin SPEEDTYPE SUMMARY migrated to Cognos production.
The speed-improved m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL report is now in production.
New versions of the initial seven m-Fin reports, plus one new report, are migrating to CU’s production Cognos environment today.