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m-Fin Production Migration

Several m-Fin reports have migrated to production. Most of these are enhancements to existing reports but there is a new one too. The most significant changes are:

  1. m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL – Formatting and prompting improvements.
  2. New report for drills to Student Finance data from m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL.
  3. New report m-Fin ABNORMAL BALANCE.

For a more complete description of changes migrated see Abnormal Balance And Other Reports Now In QA.

My thanks to PBS’s Peggy Watson, Demetria Ross, and Jan Lund as well as OUC’s Jaime Mendez and Ryan Day for excellent testing.

Issue Found

The new drills from m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL to show entire Journal Entry are not working in production. I will post a comment here when we get this fixed. It works in Cognos QA but for some reason it does not work in production.

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