The following information is supplemental to the CU Marketplace: Receiver Skillsoft course and will be helpful as you receive on purchase orders in the CU Marketplace.

Take the courses and request access

Several online courses are required for this role. For more information see Access & Training Requirements.

The courses are delivered online in Skillsoft. Log in to your campus portal and on the CU Resources Home tab, click the Skillsoft tile.

Launch the CU Marketplace - Receiver course.

When you’ve completed the required trainings, your department will request your access using the CU Identity Manager (OIM). You’ll receive an email notification when you have access. 

Understanding your new Role

Receiving is performed to acknowledge receipt of goods and services on a PO within CU Marketplace. It indicates how complete the order is. As a Receiver you’re authorized to receive on vouchers for POs over $10,000 that are not SPOs. You’re able to:

  • Receive on Purchase Orders (POs) over $10,000 to release vouchers for payment; and
  • Search all documents in the CU Marketplace.

Two roles have the ability to perform receiving within CU Marketplace: Requestors and Receivers. Receivers are only able to perform receiving whereas Requestors can also submit orders within CU Marketplace.

Refer to the Learning Resources  

The CU Marketplace Training page on the PSC website has step-by-step instructions to help you shop.

Updating Your Profile

When you have access, you should login and update your CU Marketplace profile. You can add frequently used SpeedTypes and Ship To Locations to make your shopping experience more convenient.


Receiving is required when a PO total is over $10,000, regardless of the amount of each invoice. As a Receiver, you can enter Receiving for POs.

You’ll find many more guides on CU Marketplace Training page, including: