Documenting item returns within CU Marketplace is a similar process to entering receiving. (Incorrect receipts are fixed using the same process as documenting a returned item.) These steps can even be done at the same time receiving is entered for other items within the same Purchase Order (PO).

Don’t forget to contact the supplier to coordinate a return! This process only documents a return – it doesn’t communicate a return to the supplier.

Read the procedures

  1. Locate your PO using one of the following methods:

    Method 1: PO # known

    If you know the PO #, use the Quick Search, located in the ribbon at the top of the screen.
    Use the dropdown to select Purchase Order Number and enter the PO in the next field; click Search (magnifying glass).

    Method 2: PO # not known

    If you do not know the PO #, perform a Document Search. Use your side navigation bar and go to Orders > Search > Purchase Orders. Enter your search criteria and click Search.
    A list of results will appear. Use the left side of your screen to refine your search further. Select the PO from the resulting list.

  2. Once your PO is displayed, use the Actions dropdown (located next to the document/Purchase Order number) and select Create Quantity Receipt

  3. On the draft receipts page, if needed:

    • Enter a unique Receipt Name.
    • Enter Notes regarding the return.
  4. Record the returned (or incorrectly received) items in the Receipt Lines section located in the bottom part of your screen.
    • Indicate the returned (or incorrectly received) Quantity and, from the Line Status dropdown, select Returned.
    • To receive and return an item simultaneously, enter the Quantity received and click Receive & Return or paper stack icon. A second row will appear to enter the quantity returned.
    • If a line is not being returned or received (or fixed), remove it by clicking Remove Lineor trash bin icon.
  5. Click Complete located in the upper right corner of the page.

  6. A confirmation page will appear noting the receipt and PO numbers.

    If the returned item is replaced by the supplier, you should enter receiving again to document the replacement.

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