You can look up invoices (vouchers) in CU Marketplace to see payment status and invoice images.

Note: When an invoice is entered into CU Marketplace, it becomes a voucher. A Payment Voucher (PV) created in CU Marketplace also becomes a voucher after approval occurs.

Watch the video

  1. Locate the Quick Search box, located in the ribbon at the top of the screen. Use the dropdown to select All.
  2. There are many ways to look up an invoice. We recommend you look it up by the Purchase Order number.
    Note: If you're looking up a Payment Voucher, you may want to search by Requisition or Voucher number.
  3. Click Search and select the purchase order from the list. It opens to the Status tab.
  4. Now, select the Invoices tab.
  5. This Invoicing Summary tells you the dollar amount and whether the invoice has been paid.
  6. If it hasn’t paid or if you need to know more details about the payment - like when it happened - click on the link in the first field.
  7. The invoice opens to the Summary tab.
  8. The Payment Status Information section on the right of the screen shows the Pay Status.
  9. If the status is Paid, the invoice has been paid... you’ll see more information, including the payment method, check number, and payment date.
    There are two payment methods:
    • Check means the payment was made by a physical warrant.
    • ACH means the payment was made with a virtual credit card.
  10. If the status is Payable, the invoice is ready to pay… It will pay according to payment terms. You’ll find the Terms and Due Date in the General section.
  11. If the status is In Process, the invoice is not ready to pay and you may need to do some research. Check out the tips section underneath the video on this page.

Want to know to know if the check has been cashed by a supplier? If the payment method is “Check,” copy the Check No. Then, follow the procedures for looking up check details in the Finance System.

Tip 1 - Review the Comments

Select the Comments tab. Then click Show comments for dropdown and select All. Payables technicians and approvers sometimes add comments requesting more information or letting you know how to resolve the issue. To reply to a comment and/or provide requested documentation, see Replying to Comments.

Tip 2 - Check for over-invoicing

Select the matching tab. If the PO is over-invoiced, you’ll see the over-invoiced amount highlighted in yellow. You can contact the supplier for a credit memo if the invoice amount is incorrect. Email to increase the PO in order to pay the invoiced amount.

Tip 3 - Check for receiving 

If your invoice associated with a PO that’s greater than $10,000, receiving is required for every invoice associated with that PO. On the matching tab If the PO is over $10,000, and receiving is still required, the receiving column will be highlighted in yellow.  When a match can’t happen, it's referred to as a match exception. Vouchers cannot pay until the issues are resolved.

Tip 4 - Confirm the voucher has been approved

Vouchers related to SPOs need approval to pay. Select the Approvals tab to make sure Voucher Approval has been completed. If the SPO Voucher Approval step still shows as Active, click View approvers to see whose approval is pending. To approve a voucher related to an SPO, see SPO Voucher Approval.

Tip 5 - Confirm the service dates

Note the service dates for the invoice. On the Buyer Invoice Summary tab, scroll down to see Line Item Details for the SPO and locate its begin and end dates. Make sure the service dates for the invoice fall within the SPO date range.

Tip 6 - Check for AP holds

On the Buyer Invoice; Summary tab, check the Payment Information section in the middle of the page. If you see a hold, you can contact the FinPro Help to determine the hold reason. To prevent a voucher from paying, see CU Marketplace How-to: Placing Vouchers on Hold.

Need to cancel an incorrect invoice that’s applied to a PO?

  • In case of an erroneous or disputed invoice, add a comment on the voucher to the Payable Services technician, requesting that the payment be placed on hold.  Reach out to the supplier to request a credit memo be issued to the PO.  
  • In the case of a PO over $10,000, do not complete receiving. Leave a comment stating that the invoice/amount is in dispute.  Contact the supplier to resolve the dispute and request a credit memo be issued, noting the PO number to which it should be applied.
  • In the case of an SPO, do not complete SPO Voucher Approval. Leave a comment on the voucher that the invoice/amount is in dispute.  Contact the supplier to resolve the dispute and request a credit memo be issued, noting the PO number to which it should be applied.