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We expect that PSLite will no longer work when CU moves to PeopleSoft 9.2 in November 2015.  PSLite has been a good system for CU, but it is not being maintained.

If you are relying on PSLite you should transition to CU Cognos m-Fin reports.  This is the recommendation of the OUC, the Boulder Campus Controller's Office, the Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus Finance Office, and the UCCS Resource Management Division Accounting office.

Identifying PSLite

Heard of PSLite but not really sure if it is something you use?  All of its menus say "PSLite" in large letters in the upper left.

Transitioning to m-Fin

This summer and fall you'll still be able to run PSLite reports, so you can run reports from both systems and compare.  Once the November PeopleSoft 9.2 (Elevate) go-live date comes this no longer will be an option - the expectation is that PSLite will no longer work.

Here are some helpful tips for making the transition:

  • PSLite -> m-Fin crosswalk and training
  • m-Fin LAUNCH
  • m-Fin documentation
  • Tips and tricks blog category

PSLite -> m-Fin crosswalk and training

Know what PSLite report you would run and wondering what to pick in m-Fin?  There is a crosswalk and also Boulder and Denver/Anschutz based training.  This is training specifically for PSLite users:


Unless you have changed the sort order, the first report listed in the CU Cognos Finance folder is m-Fin LAUNCH.  m-Fin LAUNCH provides a menu for m-Fin reports.  Like PSLite, you first enter a code such as a speedtype or an orgnode and then you can run reports for it.  In Cognos parlance m-Fin LAUNCH presents what are called "drill links" to the other reports.  m-Fin LAUNCH is not required - if you know what report you want to run it is ok to run it directly.

m-Fin documentation

The documentation for m-Fin reports includes quick reference guides and also "getting started" Cognos orientation guides.  The quick reference guides are a page or so for each report providing some basic explanation of the report and an example output page.

The m-Fin documentation is available at:  You will see that the page says it is training but since it is all on-line, as opposed to the instructor-led Boulder and Denver/Anschutz training above, I am calling it documentation here.

Tips and tricks blog category

The tips and tricks link provides a collection of posts that are meant to be helpful to new users.  It is in the CATEGORIES section in the column on the right, here in the m-Fin blog.


Carrie Olson

When I was on the Boulder campus, there was a Crosswalk tutorial given by Leila McCamey that had a handout that said "if you use PSLite for xxx report, you can now use xxxx report in mFin."  I have misplaced that handout and would really appreciate a new copy. I emailed Leila a long time ago (9 months to a year now) to request a copy but never heard from her.
In PSLite you used to be able to pull a report that told you the breakdown, per category, of the budget of a ST.  I realize that I can pull the Budget to Actuals report in mFin, but that does not tell me the breakdown by category (i.e., Salaries, Benefits, Travel, Operating Expenses, etc.).  We need to make sure that we are not creating expenses in a category that we do not have budget for.  Can you please direct me to a report in mFin that will give me this information?

Carl Sorenson

Carrie - A crosswalk that I created is available as a set of PDF's from the PSLite tab described in the section above titled PSLite -> m-Fin crosswalk and training.
For your budget question perhaps try m-Fin REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE SUMMARY.  Budgeting is not done the same way across all of CU, so this report offers a few different options for summary and subtotaling.

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