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Direct/Indirect Cost For Orgnodes

New for m-Fin:  For your org or orgnode, get one line per project showing direct and indirect costs for a range of dates you provide.  This is not limited to a fiscal year.

The report is in the orgnode reports subfolder and is available to you now for testing in Cognos QA:

Public Folders ‎> CU Reporting ‎> Finance ‎> Orgnode Reports‬ > m-Fin PROJECTS DIRECT AND INDIRECT COST

It can run for mulitple orgs and orgnodes at once.  If you don't need specific day precision then use the MONTHS prompt.  It usually runs faster.

A run for multiple orgs



Hi Carl!  Thank you very much for creating this report!  I think it looks good.  I agree with Linda that merging the data from the transfer column into the Direct Cost column would be helpful.  Although it turns out that I didn't have any data in the transfer column for my org during the past ICR cycle of 4/1/2014 - 3/31/2015.  I did find that the report runs faster using the "month" parameter option as opposed to typing 4/1/2014 in the date field.  The amounts that showed up in the QA report matched the PS Lite report exactly.  Out of curiosity, would it be possible someday to build mFin reports that merge InfoEd and Finance data?  I ask because pulling a department's ICR split for each of these projects would be amazing :)  Thanks again. cat.

Carl Sorenson

Hi, Cat.  Expect to see changes based on the input from you and Linda Rose in the next few days.
Regarding InfoEd - I have been out of the loop on it for a while, but expect that more integration is coming.  In the meantime, just to see something, try running, for a project you know was set up in InfoEd:
Public Folders ‎> CU Reporting ‎> Finance ‎> ‪Project Reports > m-Fin PROJECT FINANCIAL STATUS
Then click on the award code which should be drillable in the header display of attributes in the upper right.  Please note, however, that It will only appear as drillable if you have been granted access to the Cognos InfoEd data - which is controlled by the Boulder Campus Controllers Office.

Carl Sorenson

A new version of the report is available now in Cognos QA.  Transfers dollars are combined into the DIRECT column.  It filters for just funds 30 and 31.  Drills have been added.  They appear only for MONTHS runs.  If the project drilled has transactions on different orgs over the time span reported the drill report combines them, but other than in this circumstance the drill report's RANGE TOTAL matches the amount drilled upon.  I spoke with Linda Rose on the phone about this and she felt that the drill was still worthwhile.

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