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Cognos 11 go-live problem

There is a problem with the links from the CU Portal to the Cognos 11 CU-Data system.  These are the team content and my content links in the CU Portal under reporting and compliance.  These links take the user into CU-Data, but then m-Fin reports don't run when they are clicked.  I will ask that these links be removed today if no fix is found.  For now, please simply continue using the links to the Cognos 10 CU Reporting System.


Carl Sorenson

The Cognos 10 CU Reporting System links are "public folders" and "my folders."


The PET Detail Report does not seem to be running accurately since Go Live of new Funding Entry and PET update. Will this report still function in Cognos 11 and can the report be looked at now in Cognos 10 please?

Carl Sorenson

I have confirmed that m-Fin PET works in Cognos 11.  The Finance > HCM > PET Detail Report that you are asking about is the responsibility of HCM and they have not brought it over to Cognos 11 yet.  I tried it just now and find that it is running ok still in Cognos 10.

Carl Sorenson

The Cognos 11 CU-Data system is now available to users as the official m-Fin system.  It is available from the CU Portal, under Reporting & Compliance, CU-Data.

Mary Lile

I tried printing reports from CU-Data. From Firefox and Chrome I received a page with the name of the report, the path, a blue dot and date and time, but no financial information. I tried using Internet Explorer, but it won't load. Is anyone else having issues with CU-Data?

Carl Sorenson

Mary -  I know that for some users 10x Cognos did print from HTML, but we never understood why it would work for one user and then not for another having the same os and browser.  IBM's advice for printing all along has been to use PDF - HTML printing not supported.  I understand that for those of you that were enjoying printing from HTML this is an unwelcome change.  Nevertheless, I must advise that you please use PDF for printing.

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