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New for m-Fin:  ACCOUNT TREE ACTUALS BY FISAL YEAR produces reports similar to PSLite's ALL-YEAR VARIANCE reports.  We do not expect PSLite to continue working after Nov 10th, 2015.

Like the PSLite reports, m-Fin ACCOUNT TREE ACTUALS BY FISCAL YEAR runs for multiple fiscal years, each one through the accounting period you specify.  For example, if you set the accounting period to 3 -- SEP, each fiscal year is queried through period 3.  This is the big important difference between this m-FIn report and m-Fin ACTUALS BY FISCAL YEAR.  The prior fiscal years in that report are always complete.

Crosstab or chart is not supported in the Excel 2007 Data output format

We know if you request Excel 2007 Data you'll get the "not supported" error message.  Instead, pick one of the NO TOTALING versions of the report, and request one of the formatted Excel output formats.

PSLite ALL-YEAR VARIANCE users please test

m-Fin ACCOUNT TREE ACTUALS BY FISCAL YEAR is available for your testing now, in Cognos QA.  If you have feedback for us, please leave a comment below.  We have already completed our internal testing here in the OUC, so this is poised to migrate to production soon if we do not hear of any problems.

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