Departments must purchase office, conference room, and lobby furniture from the following five suppliers:  

  • BC Interiors   
  • Canter & Associates   
  • Interior Environments   
  • OfficeScapes   
  • Workplace Resource 

To purchase from any of the five suppliers identified above, please use their catalogs in CU Marketplace. Punch-out catalogs must be used for all furniture purchases. For furniture purchases that are not part of a project, customers must navigate the punch-out catalogs and add the items needed to their cart and submit their order. Some catalogs require customers to wait for the supplier to add delivery / install fees to their order. For furniture that is part of a project, work directly with the supplier and your campus project managers. The supplier will provide a quote that can be pulled up within their punch-out catalog and added to cart. Although ALL furniture purchases should go through CU Marketplace, customers may or may not need to wait on a quote from the supplier depending on the specific need.

Note: The five approved suppliers' CU Marketplace catalogs do not include all products that are covered under the University's contracts. Therefore, you are highly encouraged to reach out directly to the suppliers to inquire about your specific needs. There are product offerings covered by the University's contracts that are not featured within their catalogs, and the supplier can provide info (and quotes) on these products.

Procurement Cardholders must not use their Procurement Cards to buy furniture from the University’s furniture suppliers. All furniture purchases should be processed through the punch-out catalogs in CU Marketplace.

For furniture that is part of a project, or to inquire about your campus furniture standards, reach out to your campus project managers, (listed in the right panel of this page).

Note: The University’s waiver process no longer exists. The University has five approved furniture suppliers under contract as the result of an RFP Process. Departments can purchase furniture of any dollar amount through the approved suppliers without the need for a bid or a separate contract. The benefits of using the approved suppliers are:

  • Expanded number of approved suppliers
  • Access to contract pricing
  • Simplified procurement process
  • Access to dozens of leading furniture manufacturer brands
  • Access to catalogs for all five suppliers 
  • CU dedicated account management with all five suppliers
  • Access to commercial grade and ergonomic-appropriate furniture, reducing overall Total Cost of Ownership

For Office, Conference Room, and Lobby Furniture Purchases Over $10,000

Departments will complete a requisition in the CU Marketplace. Requisitions to one of the five approved suppliers will be processed and the PO’s will be submitted to that supplier. If a department is interested in using a supplier other than one of the five approved suppliers, the following steps will be followed:

  1. The PSC will contact the department and encourage the use of one of the five approved suppliers and explain the benefits of using those suppliers
  2. If a department is still interested in using a non-approved supplier, the PSC will connect the department with their campus project manager for further discussions.  The project managers have the expertise to help departments evaluate the products available through the approved suppliers, and suggest one of the approved five suppliers
  3. If a department still wishes to use another supplier, that purchase will need to go through the normal procurement solicitation process, which, depending on scope, could take up to six months to complete

For Office, Conference Room, and Lobby Furniture Purchases Under $10,000

Departments are strongly encouraged to use the five approved suppliers for all dollar value purchases. Please also note that furniture should not be purchased using the PCard. Departments are encouraged to order furniture through the CU Marketplace.

Note: Individuals cannot be reimbursed for personal purchases of furniture. 

Purchasing Agent

Druselle May