University contracts with rental vehicle agencies include cars as well as commercial vehicles. Refer to the information below when renting a commercial vehicle for official university business.

(Note: For employee -- i.e., faculty/staff -- moving services, refer to the PSC's How to Buy Moving Services guidance.)

Review rental guidelines and agreements

Agreements and discounts can be used by employees, students, and non-employees whose University business needs involve renting a commercial vehicle. A commercial vehicle may be required in the following situations:

  • Transportation of artwork and transportation of gifts-in-kind, whether artwork or other items
  • Transportation of research equipment for field work, including using the commercial vehicle as a mobile storage unit at the field site
  • Transportation of office equipment, furniture, and other items, e.g., to support a cross-campus move of an office or lab

In most cases, decline all insurance. Damage Waiver (DW) insurance is provided at no cost to traveler on official University business when renting with CU rates from contract rental agencies in the U.S. This relieves CU renters and authorized drivers from financial responsibility for loss of. or damage to. the rental vehicle.

  • Some countries require traveler to purchase additional rental vehicle insurance; this cost is allowable if requirement for insurance is documented. 


The University has a commercial vehicle agreement with Enterprise. Phone number  provided below.


Contact: 855.266.9289 - Discount codes can be accessed in Concur Travel under the rental car tab.

Reserve a vehicle

To reserve online               

  1. You can make online reservations directly at -- trucks cannot be booked through Concur.
  2. Provide the appropriate discount code to receive CU rates and insurance.

To reserve by phone

  1. Call the agency
  2. Indicate that you are using a University of Colorado discount code
  3. Provide the appropriate discount code to receive CU rates and insurance.

Discount Codes: 

Discount codes can be accessed in Concur Travel under the rental car tab.

Pick up rental vehicle and retain receipt

  1. Provide your Travel Card or personal credit card as payment
  2. Confirm that CU agreement and rate has been applied, which includes CDW and LDW insurance.
  3. Retain itemized receipts and proof of payment for car rental costs and rental car gas expenses over $75. If e-receipts are available from the rental car vendor, paper receipts need not be attached to the expense report.

Claim expenses

Upon conclusion of the trip, submit expenses as follows:

  • Concur is used to reconcile Travel Card charges and to request reimbursement for University travel and non-travel-related expenses by employees, Regents, non-employees, and students.
  • The Non-Employee Reimbursement-International (NRI) paper form is used to request reimbursement for non-employees/students who are non-U.S. persons or who live at non-U.S. addresses.

Traveler’s costs cannot be reimbursed until after the trip is completed