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Supported web browsers

CU-Data's Cognos 11 software supports four major web browsers, but not Microsoft Edge.

The supported web browsers are:

  • FireFox
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Safari

Notes for Microsoft Edge users

While Cognos has never supported Microsoft Edge, we found that it did work for m-Fin with Cognos 10.  However, Edge does not work with Cognos 11.  Use Firefox, Chrome, or MSIE 11.

Notes for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 users (MSIE 11)

For MSIE 11, Cognos documentation recommends running with compatibility view turned off.  I have found that it seems to work ok with compatibility view turned on, but since the recommendation is that it be turned off, I leave it turned off.

I have seen one person's workstation where MSIE 11 does not render the Cognos slide-out menus.  If your preferred web browser is MSIE 11 and you are experiencing this problem, please let us know by posting a message on this blog page.

Notes for Firefox users

The only version of Firefox that IBM/Cognos actively supports is the Extend Support Version of Firefox ESR 45 (see  We find that the newer versions do work, but sometimes the radio buttons are invisible.

Notes for Chrome users

On my own workstation, Chrome does not render Cognos 11 pdf output.  All other Chrome users that I have interacted with about this, however, have no trouble with pdf.  If your preferred web browser is Chrome and you are experiencing this problem, please let us know by posting a message on this blog page.

Notes for Mac users

For running m-Fin reports, Cognos 11 now supports Safari the same as Firefox.  If you do encounter an issue with Safari, we will ask if you could please test whether the issue also occurs in Firefox, merely because if it does occur in Firefox then it is easier for us to troubleshoot.

For Query Studio, Safari will not work.  Use Firefox.


Margaret Cummings

I use Chrome and I'm not able to get a pdf of the reports I run.  I receive this message, "Chrome PDF Viewer disabled"

Carl Sorenson

Margaret - I have not found a way to get Chrome to automatically put the Cognos 11 pdf into a separate window running the Adobe Reader software.  But I have found that using the pdf reader that comes with Chrome works.  For this:
1. Click the three dots "customize and control Google Chrome" button
2. Settings
3. Show advanced settings
4. Content settings... (button)
5. (at the bottom) PDF Documents - clear the checkbox for "Open PDF files in the default PDF viewer application."
I would prefer the real Adobe Reader, but at least this works.

John Carroll

When I try to run CU Data in Safari on my Mac, all I get is a blank screen.  When I tried it in Firefox, I get the start up screen but reports won't run, I get a "This browser is not supported for running this application" error box.  Also, I get some weird menu overlay.  If I click OK in the error box, it does take me to the report parameter screen but when I choose a speedtype and insert it into the Choice box (Operating Summary) the Finish button remains greyed out.

Carl Sorenson

Yikes.  Well it may not seem like it but we did test Mac's!  I don't have one myself.  I will contact another Mac person and get back to you.

Carl Sorenson

Our Safari testing was with version 10.1.
Our Firefox testing was with a few different versions, but none earlier than 45.8.

Maryellen Ancell

Hi - I recently was upgraded to Office 2016.  When I ran a report in Cognos today in excel I only get a blank screen in the downloaded file.  I tried it in both explorer and firefox.  Is there a problem with this new office version not being supported?  Thanks- Maryellen

Carl Sorenson

Maryellen - I run Office 2016 at home and m-Fin reports do load into MSExcel ok for me there (simply running m-Fin reports on my home machine's web browser with vpn going).  Please try UIS desktop support to see if there is some browser setting that could fix this.

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